John Waters

I’m a writer who knows a lot about marketing   (See below.)

For you that means explaining the assignment and giving direction will be easy. And I might add some helpful insights. The finished product will be turn-key. You won’t have to do a lot of editing or re-writing. 

The copy will be interesting, readable, and clear. I'll try to put a little personality into it, so it's compelling for your readers...and appropriate for the medium. And you won't pay more for my extra effort, because I want to deliver value for you. I know. I've been there.

If you do let me write for you, I'll make a big issue of writing for the reader. Engage the reader. Why should they buy from, donate to, or just hang out with you? 

We can help you make it to the top.
Now for the experience part

I’ve always been in marketing communications. First as a New York adman (shortly after the Mad Men left town). As luck would have it, I wasn’t a copywriter, but a media planner, then account manager. So I wound up doing way more writing than your average copywriter.


There were lots of media plans, strategic marketing plans, and agency recommendations. The writing had to be clear, bright, and persuasive. The agency business was a great place to start. You have to learn a lot about different industries, and how to transfer skills. 

On the client side, I’ve held senior marketing positions with consumer and business marketers. See below. As an adman and later as a consultant, I’ve done time in a lot of industries. And helped organizations of all sizes. Again, see below.


And thank you for reading all this.

From the Inside

With Red Lobster, John introduced the "Seafood Lover" marketing campaign that linked Red Lobster to superior food quality, and led to a series of record earnings years.

At King & Prince Seafood, John led the successful introduction of new crab cake and shrimp products,  and streamlined trade show management to reduce costs by 25%.

At Cryovac, John shaped a unique corporate identity and marketing program that fueled a 25% share increase and opened several new market opportunities including foodservice and value-added produce.

At Ramada, John re-targeted advertising to frequent business travelers and drove a 12% boost in reservations calls.  He consolidated diverse sales promotions into the “Ramada Business Card” frequent guest program.

From the Outside

Over the years, MarCom Resources has helped clients develop opportunities in a variety of ways…writing services, project management, marketing support. Some of the clients we’ve been privileged to help include:

From the Agency Side

As an adman, John helped build successful campaigns for major consumer goods marketers...

tourism and hospitality clients...

and leading business-to-business marketers...